3 People You Should Take Keto Advice From

A few people in the scene that practice and preach the Keto way.

mh BY Diana Matthews


It’s a lot easier to live the healthy keto life if you have a few gurus you can follow that are walking the walk themselves.

Of course, there’s no shortage of YouTube vloggers or Instagram influencers to start following, so you’ll have to sort through the weeds to find the good ones…

Or you could simply check out the best ones(Other ten the Ketosis Genius’s of Course) we’ve found based on people’s feedback and our own experience. We think these are the three best-of-the-best keto experts to follow!

She’ll Help You ‘Ditch The Carbs’ And Do Keto Right

Finding someone relatable is key when you’re looking for someone to inspire you, and that might be one reason Libby Jenkins has developed such a following.


As a mother of three, this New Zealand powerhouse lady regularly shows her followers how it’s possible to live a healthy, keto-lifestyle while juggling the demands of being a parent.

Her blog called “Ditch the Carbs” has one mission: to teach, inspire, and support people starting a low-carb, high-fat diet.

If you’re looking for some pointers on eating keto, Libby has some great recipes and practical tips for newbies.

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‘2 Keto Dudes’ Might Be Your New Best Friends

Who better to inspire you to have success with a keto diet than two average Joes who did it themselves?


Carl Franklin and Richard Morris have had incredible health journeys as they transformed from morbidly overweight with serious illnesses to healthy.

Their podcast “2 Keto Dudes” involves Franklin and Morris sharing firsthand insights about their journey and ongoing keto lifestyle with lots of talk about the science behind keto, recipes, and tips.

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If ‘The Lazy Keto’ Can Do It, So Can You!

Back in 2013, Lezlee Parrish was battling depression and a ton of other health issues.

Of that time, she said, “I desperately needed to get my life back”.

The Lazy Keto

That’s when she discovered the ketogenic diet, and after shedding 45 pounds on her way to a healthier life, she’s never looked back.

With her blog called “The Lazy Keto,” Lezlee showcases delicious keto-friendly recipes that are easy for people to whip up themselves.

Try out some of her recipes and enjoy alongside Keto-Kleanse for phenomenal weight-loss results in your keto journey!

Finding The Right Keto Guru For You

We’re all inspired and motivated differently, so you’ll need to find who you connect with best, but these are three of the top people in the keto space that we highly recommend.

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About the Author: Diana Matthews – For the last few years Diana’s passion has been to test and learn about different areas of the Keto Diet. Experimenting with numerous different supplements, workouts, and diet routines, she wants to share her experiences with others. While helping the Keto community with her blog posts, she also works with a team of weight loss experts who manufacture a supplement called Keto Kleanse that has helped over 10,000 people meet their weight loss goals.